We Acquire Companies in the U.K & Scandinavia.

Our primary focus is on family or founder owned business' that could benefit from a generational change of ownership whereby we provide an exit strategy to the current shareholders and serve as the new stewards that care for the business and preserve the founders life's work.

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What We Do For Companies

We provide an exit strategy for founder or family owned business' in the U.K & Scandinavia that are cashflow positive and have managed to build a strong reputation within their respective industry.

It can often be difficult for family owned business' generating between €3M - €300M in revenue and are cash-flow positive to find an investor with whom they can Partner to provide a natural succession path for their life's work.

That's were we come in.

We Partner up with founder or family owned business' and help the current shareholders map out a new ownership path that is both financially beneficial to them, as well as one which respects the history of that company.

Furthermore, we have the ability to move quickly and can close an investment for majority ownership or a complete buyout as quickly as within 120 days from an initial meeting.

If your business is majority owned by a few founders or family members, has a 3+ year operating history, generates between €3M - €300M in revenue and is cash-flow positive, we would love to hear from you and have an initial introductory chat.

What We Do For Investors

IPO Capital ApS is not an investment fund and we do not manage capital on behalf of external investors.

We source deals, perform due diligence, and invest in strong U.K & Scandinavian companies using various traditional private equity methods such as leverage buyouts as well as our own internal equity and debt facilities.

However with that said, we are happy to open up our deal-flow of strong companies generating €3M - €300M in revenue with EBIT positivity to investors who we respect and admire thus enabling such investors to gain access to some of our deals and portfolio companies.

We would typically execute such transactions by setting up a special purpose vehicle that can be used as a means through which the investor can participate.

Such deals could be structured in a way where investors either provide equity to the S.P.V', or by providing debt directly to the company that we are taking over to help fund the transaction.

Both equity and debt deals would be favourable to the external investor with terms for the debt including highly attractive interest rates as well as leverage on the business.

How We Do It


We invest in cash-flow positive U.K & Scandinavian companies by providing liquidity to the founders or family shareholders, thus relieving them from the daily operations of running a business so that they may focus on the next chapter of their lives.

Board Network

We then provide these companies with access to some of Scandinavia's leading executives via our informal board network so that the business can be run in a highly professional manner and ensure longevity of the founders life's work. 

Sweat Equity

We are not passive investors, we are business builders. The Partner team have built & invested in dozens of companies over the years, and have also exited some of those companies via M & A's as well as IPO's.

Once we have taken a stake in or assumed full ownership of a company, we would seek to manage these companies by appointing and supporting a qualified CEO and Senior Management team for a few years before potentially taking the business to the next level by placing the company on a stock market.

Why we do it

WE BELIEVE that founders who have managed to build a strong business & are open to pursuing new interests outside of their company should have the option to ensure a smooth transition process from being the daily owner-operator to having a beneficial exit from their business.



We are always happy to grab a coffee or host a virtual meeting and chat about your company as well as your ambitions should you feel as though you fall within our scope.

Due Diligence

It goes without saying that we cannot invest in all of the companies that we meet, thus we would seek to get to know you, your business, as well as your management team prior to investing.

This process does not have to take a lot of time and can be accelerated based on your personal timeline. We can execute on a deal as quickly as within 120 days of our initial chat.

Partnering Up

Once we get to know you and you us, should all parties involved feel like IPO Capital would be a good match for your company' ambitions, we would seek to invest in the buyout of your business.

We tailor our deal terms as well as our post acquisition operational involvement to your specific company' requirements. We may request a "hand-over period" of 6 - 12 months whilst we onboard a new CEO should your business not currently have a seasoned internal team to step up as the new senior management team.

Partners & Advisors

Yusufa Sey
Founder & CEO

Serial Entrepreneur & Investor

Michael Steen Lunde

Seasoned Business Executive with various roles across the globe.

Peter Kubicki

Former MD at SEB (Denmark & Luxembourg). Managed $4B USD in A.U.M

Magnus Kjøller

30+ Angel investments. 6+ Exits via M & A or IPO

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