Gateway To Nordic Pre IPO's

We invest capital as well as provide access to strategic human resources to cash-flow positive Nordic business' who intend to IPO on a European Alternative Stock Exchange within 18 months of engaging us.

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What We Do For Companies

With an average cheque size of €500K, we provide the capital required to meet the expected costs associated with an IPO event as well as a some capital for you to continue to operate your business as usual.

Furthermore, we have partnered with some of Denmark's leading Business Executives to provide you with access to the sort of strategic bandwidth that would make it possible for you to execute your ambitious growth plans during the IPO process as well as once you start life as a public company.

In essence, we are investors who believe in the power of being a publicly listed company and it is our mission to successfully get you there.

If you are considering wether an IPO would be the right path for your company, feel free to click the link below and quickly fill out the self evaluation form. We will get back to you and setup a meeting shortly thereafter.

What We Do For Investors

In an investment environment where one is often forced to choose between an outlook of low returns in exchange for liquidity, or projected higher returns in exchange for commiting capital for the better part of a decade, it can be difficult to appropriately allocate capital in an optimal way.

At IPO capital we focus on sourcing deals that already have a proven business model, are cash-flow positive or close to it, and have the potential to grow rapidly with access to growth capital.

We then put these companies on an IPO trajectory and publicly list them within 12 - 18 months, at which point we can typically expect there to already be an unrealized gain in the value of our investment.

We would typically then hold on to the stock for a further 18 months or so prior to divesting and realising any gains made.

In essence, we buy private, sell public, and capture the difference.

How We Do It


We invest between €250K - €750K in cash-flow positive companies thus providing them with operational as well as IPO Capital.

Board Network

We then provide these companies with access to some of Denmark & the Nordic's leading executives via our informal board network. We may also opt to take a board seat in the company.

Sweat Equity

We are not passive investors, we are business builders. The Partner team have built & invested in dozens of companies over the years, and have also exited some of those companies via M & A's as well as IPO's.

Why we do it

WE BELIEVE that Nordic based growth companies who have a proven concept should have access to growth capital. 

WE ALSO BELIEVE that the public investment market for micro IPO's is a powerful platform. It is thus our ambition to bridge the gap between private growth companies and the micro IPO market by serving as the go to investors in assisting ambitious companies in making that leap.

WE HAVE CHOSEN to do this not only with expertise but also by injecting capital, thus participating in the IPO upside along with the company's shareholders.



We are always happy to grab a coffee and chat about your company as well as your ambitions should you feel you fall within our investment scope.

Due Diligence

It goes without saying that we cannot invest in all of the companies we meet, thus we would seek to get to know you, your business, as well as your management team prior to investing.

This process does not have to take a lot of time and can be accelerated based on your IPO schedule.

Partnering Up

Once we get to know you and you us, should all parties involved feel like IPO Capital would be a good match for your company' ambitions, we would seek to invest capital into your company and start our partnership.

We tailor our term sheet, our strategic input, as well as our operational involvment to your specific company' requirements. That is why we refer to our potential portfolio companies as potential partners, we see this is a partnership.

Partners & Advisors

Yusufa Sey
Operational Partner

3 X Founder 
1 Exit (AthGene)

Peter Kubicki

Former CEO at SEB. Managed $4B USD in A.U.M

Magnus Kjøller
Non Operational

30+ Angel investments. 6+ Exits via M & A or IPO

Nicolai Kærgaard
Operational Partner

Former CEO at Stylepit. IPO then Exit to BestSeller

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